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What We Are All About
Hello. Simply put, we are about Rottweilers. Busy Rottie was established by D. Barnes, a 30+ year K9 behavior specialist, to offer insight on the Rottweiler and share helpful information about the loving breed.

We focus on the things that can be done with a Rottie. Busy Rottie will touch topics pertaining to the health, well being, training and overall temperament of the Rottweiler.

Our 'gentle K9 giant' has been a friend and companion for the ages. The Rottie gives great love and in return only asks that we reciprocate. The key to a happy Rottweiler is consistent action. Busy Rottie will offer a guide to good activity.


Healthy Activity
The best healthy activity is a brisk walk or a run. Give a large dog a chance to stretch their legs. If you are a bike rider, it would be nice to train your dog to run with you. The therapy it will provide the both of you is priceless.

If you are a jogger or walker, this is a good opportunity for you as well. Those walks can be shared with your K9 friend. If you start early and often, the dog will understand the requirements of walking your pace. You can imprint onto the dog what you want to do.

Now if time is limited but you can offer a 30-minute play moment throughout the day, the suggestion of tag or chase is highly recommended. If there is a toy that your dog favors, grab that and offer it to the dog in the way of a chase. For as long as you can handle it, try that for a while. This gets into the activity your dog needs and allows you to bond further.

Busy Rottie News

What It's Like to Live With Big Dog Breeds
When you share your home with a dog who's larger than a pack of Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers combined, you need to think big — and act big.

We're talking about canines incapable of playing hide-and-seek under the bed or being content with just one cup of chow. And forget about trying to fit them into a normal-sized crate in your sedan.

Rottweilers: Good Family Dogs?
So do Rottweilers make good family pets? The answer is yes, however just if owners work hard in giving plenty of exercise, obedience training, close guidance and lots of rules and discipline.

Rottweilers end up being warmhearted, loyal and often comical clowns when certain conditions are met. The key for changing the stereotype from dangerous guard dog to family dog inevitably relies in following a few specific guidelines and always thinking of safety as top priority.


Does your dog mind what you say? Is he or she even listening? The foundation for good living with a K9 is clear communication.

Vocal ques are foundation when interacting with your dog. The addition of hand signals and gestures creates a greater base for communication between you and your dog.