Housebreaking your new puppy is going to take patience. You should begin to housebreak as soon as you bring your new puppy home.


A puppy should typically begin receiving vaccinations when he or she is 6 to 8 weeks old and should continue receiving them every 3 to 4 weeks until he or she reaches 16 weeks of age.


Foxtail plants can be risky for your dog. The barbed seed heads of the foxtail plant can work their way into any part of your dog, from the nose to between the toes and inside the ears, eyes and mouth.


Exercise and Activity
Exercise and activity can help prevent boredom (and the negative behaviors that can arise when dogs are bored). Exercise and activity can also stimulate our dog's brains and trigger the instinctive "play drive". A dog that plays is a happy dog.


Making A Connection With Your Puppy
The Rottweiler is a social dog. It needs to be shown the way you would like for him or her to react in society, with others and even with you.


New To The Pack
Adding a new Rottweiler puppy to the home. Working on the best steps to offer a good life for the newest memeber of the pack.

Contact Information

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With a large breed like the Rottweiler, it is always a good rule to maintain a constant routine of touch. It keeps the K9 engaged.

Remember activity is like air for the Rottweiler. They thrive on having something to do. A little activity before leaving for work can be a treat.